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Terms of Use

By using this Web site, you accept these Terms of Use so we encourage you to review them carefully before using any part of this site. In addition, because COSYS may revise these Terms of Use from time to time by updating this posting, you should revisit this page periodically to review the current Terms of Use. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use this Web site.

Copyright Infringement

COSYS believes in respecting the copyright and intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that material posted on this Web site by a third party infringes on your copyright(s), please click here to learn about contacting our Copyright Agent.

Privacy Statement

Protecting your right to privacy is a priority for Cosys-control. We use these guidelines in this section to safeguard the information we collect during your visit to our Web site, over the telephone, at trade shows, or through any other interaction.

Patent Information

COSYS holds patents applicable to many of its software and hardware products. Please review this section to learn more about the patents that may apply to specific COSYS products.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

The purchase and sale of COSYS hardware and software products are made under COSYS's standard terms and conditions of sale. Please review this section for more information on these terms and conditions.

Export Compliance

COSYS products are subject to control under the Europe. Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR Part 730 et. seq.) and other applicable Europe export control laws and regulations. Please review this section for more information.

Service Terms

COSYS is committed to equipping engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery. As part of this commitment, COSYS offers services and/or service programs to support our customers and enhance a customer's experience with COSYS products. Please visit this page for a description of the services along with the terms and conditions that are applicable to each of the services and/or service programs.



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