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Amoner Fidget Spinner Toys For Kids & Adults

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  • Buyer Beware: To avoid accidentally buying a fake friendly fidget, be sure “Sold by Amoner and Fulfilled by Amazon” or “Amoner”.
  • New Design: Stronger, smoother and more durable than ever! These bearings use the latest low-friction technology and round edges to ensure longevity and smooth rotation. Easy to carry,S small, simple, discrete and fun.
  • Anxiety & ADHD Focus: BEST GADGET to relieve stress, anxiety, ADHD, autism, quitting bad habits, killing time or just helps you focusing. Also enjoy a much easier life after you’ve just quited SMOKING. This is the best Anti-Anxiety tri-spinner fidget TOY!
  • Super long spinning time: Adopt stainless steel bearings to ensure the smooth operation, free from rust. Roughly 3-5 minutes spin time depending on how much force you apply and your technique.
  • No risk purchase: Making you a happy customer is our main goal. Just try it! Helps relieve stress!

Product description

The Amoner Fidget Spinner is all about managing STRESS, ANXIETY, BOREDOM, NAIL BITING, FIDGETING and QUITTING SMOKING!

When will you be using this perfect hand spinner ?
When your friend is late again;
When you’re having a work break;
When you need a quiet stress reliever to relax your nerves;
When your phone’s on low battery and you have nothing else to do;
Or when you just feel like fidgeting.

Helps relieve stress, also effective for deep thought.
Kill the time, definitely keep hands busy and off the phone.
Increase your concentration, so you can be more productive.
High performance bearing for extremely fast and long spin times
Smart and compact design, proper size in your pocket any time on the go.
The 360 Spinner helps you find new perspectives as you put your brain to use.

Material: Brass
Weight: 2.8 OZ
Bearing: R188
Color: Golden
Spinning Time: 3-5Mins

BONUS: You can download a product installation drawing that you can re-install your spinner fidget toy to make it spin well! ( Please click the button "buy at Amazon" to jump to our Amazon page to download the installation.)